Palm Reading

The palm reading studies and reveals insights about an individual and makes future predictions through a detailed observation of the features of the palm. Palm reading is therefore a study of changing features of the palm, as it is one of the most sensible body parts, which is easily affected by the physiological, environmental and physical changes around an individual.

The palm reading tries to understand the effects of the psyche as the manifestation of the psyche on the body (physiology). Pandith Hanumantha Rao can identify the effect of our emotions on our palms.

Palm reading considers the combination of the five elements and body composition types for a better insight and heightened understanding of the individual.

Palm reading helps analyses potential abilities and understand the inherent human nature. It can help provide information about the ideal career, relationships, finances, health, family and other prospects of an individual’s life.

The palm reading observes aspects like size, texture, color, forms and formations of lines and other typical symbols on the palm. Based on these readings, accurate predictions are made.

Pandith Hanumantha Rao is an expert in Samudrik Vigyan. Through decades of research, experience, and analysis, he has mastered the art of palm reading. This art of hand reading is an elaborate study and with an amalgamation of palm reading with astrology he can chart out a complete analysis about an individual and provide solutions to almost any questions and queries.

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